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Pest Control


Introductory offer

Single storey house to treat cockroaches,spiders,ants and fleas. $180.00

2 storey house to treat cockroaches spiders ants and fleas. $220.00

Pest Control Info


We treat all kinds of cockroaches including German, American and Australian by targeting where they live and breed.We treat all accessible areas to limit them from accessing your property. Our treatment’s are safe for your family and pets and come with a service guarentee.Protect your home from infestation.


We treat webbing and crawling spiders at your home or office by breaking the breeding cycle and keep your property free of unsightly webs. We offer advice on how to keep them from coming back to your property again and again. Our products are safe for your family and pets. Protect your home from unsightly webs.


We identify and treat all kinds of ants and terminate them at their nest by applying quality baits that are safe for your family and pets.


We will treat all areas inside and out to break the flea life cycle and offer advice to prevent a flea infestation taking over your home or business.